Suite in A

   Hi Limitless Guitar Players and Bohemian Flamenco Fans!

 Friends and listeners frequently ask me questions about composing and performing songs. It’s very organic for me. Usually I am noodling and find a theme or melody that strikes me, Ill play with it a while, and boom it rears its head while I am actually performing. This happens as part of a very natural evolutionary process. If the song shows up enough times and starts to stand on its own feet so to speak, then it is included in my concerts and performances.

 This Suite in A song has many incarnations but I believe it was inspired listening to Badi Assad while rebuilding my living room. Suzi was in Toronto helping our friend Leah have a baby so I had lots of alone time.

This song is also a “great etude” for learning cool easy chord licks, melodies, and positions in the key of A. (one of the grooviest solo guitar keys) Go figure. When I play this song today, it usually appears in the midst of an Alegrias Flamenco tune. I’m not sure why but it likes being there. That’s just the way it goes, it’s an ever-evolving story.

I have included links to some very different versions. But the basic song is the same.

This first link is a version from My Saranade CD. It has an extended solo section where the song gets pretty funky. While listening to it this morning I was contemplating starting to take this direction at live shows. We’ll see.

This next version is from a show in Asheville NC on my 2018 Bohemian Flamenco tour. I was recovering from surgery and pretty woozy. Luckily my buddy Ryan Lindberg (Koresma) was there to capture the moment. This whole CD is way cool and I may release some of my funny commentary at a later date.

Here is a Live Video from a show in Zihuatenejo Mexico circa 2008. The video quality is not great but the version of the song is cool and you can see the movement and chord positions. I will post a new close up slowed down version if you want one. But I encourage you all to use your ears more than your eyes. You may find better ways to play this than my way.

Here is a TAB and standard notation version of this song for you. Please hit me up with any questions or suggestions to make this easier for you to learn. And please send me your version or whatever it becomes in your hands. We all stand on each other’s shoulders. We all learn from this kind of interaction.