Guitar Workshops

David Feder’s

Innovative Finger-style Guitar Workshops

At David’s guitar workshops he shares a lifetime of tips, techniques and thoughts that can help enhance and advance your guitar playing, composition and performance skills, while having the most fun whatever your level.

Understanding and mastery of these concepts are lifelong, continual and fluid processes. In this workshop you will learn how to develop, evaluate and tweak your own processes. You will learn how to overcome technical issues and free the artist within you.

Students will learn techniques that fine-tune not only their playing, but also their listening skills and the kinesthetic connection those skills have to the instrument.

David uses simple musical exercises and examples to help you develop a melodic/harmonic vocabulary, relaxed dexterity and groove.


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David Feder

Some Ideas and Concepts that may be covered:

Finding Joy in the Journey

Having fun wherever you are

Arranging songs for guitar

Practice, Performance & Playing

The rule of 21 times perfect

Musician’s Health

Warming up & stretching

Dynamic Range concepts

Composing & arranging on the guitar

Planting musical ideas in fertile ground

Taking advantage of the guitar’s eccentricities

Practice strategies

Sound Reinforcement solutions

Fingernail maintenance

Guitar maintenance


Left hand touch (Non squeezing exercises)

Right hand finger/volume independence

David’s banjo roll single note techniques

Spanish and Latin American style Rasgueado strumming

David’s collection of Spider left hand exercises

Crab walking

Chasing exercise

Tonal memories & Nursery Rhymes

CAGED system and related scale construction

Number system for chord progressions

Finger style hybrid playing

Creating harmonies and bass lines

Fretboard Geography (tone vs. playability)

Transposing melodic Ideas

Working harmonic tensions and releases

"Beauty In Music"