Fishman Platinum Pro for Nylon String


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How to use the Fishman Platinum Pro EQ for Nylon String Guitar:

How many times have you had your freedom of comfortable expression squelched by an incompetent sound person at a live show? How many times have you found that stage conditions make it all but impossible to share the beautiful nuances with your listeners that you work so hard to perfect ?

As an instrumental guitarist playing live shows at venues of all sizes, I have found it is advantageous to travel with my own DI/EQ system to mitigate these issues.

Let’s be clear, we cannot solve every bad festival sound problem with a pedal. But we can be armed well enough to make many of these situations more acceptable. I have been fortunate to have had some great sound engineers. But unfortunately I have dealt with many more well-meaning “engineers” that do not understand the basic dynamics and issues involved in live acoustic guitar performance.   Over the years for peace of mind,  I have travelled with a few different DI/preamps for live performances. They have a wide range in price but essentially aim to do most of the same things.

  1. Provide some kind of gain
  2. Provide some  EQ
  3. Have some anti-feedback features,
  4. Provide an isolated feed for Front of House

While some DIs provide many more features, what I have come to like is a self contained box that has Parametric EQ, XLR out, Ground Lift, Phase invert, some basic compression, and an output that I can tweak to drive my stage monitors. This  Fishman Platenum Pro EQ offers all this and much more in a sturdy aluminum case. The Amazon Link below is the best price I have found so far.

In this video, I demonstrate How to use the Fishman Platinum Pro EQ for Nylon String Guitar for taming live stage sound issues.

In another video I will show you some other solutions.


I hope this helps you with your own live sound.

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     Here are some of the features of This Fishman Platinum Pro EQ/DI Analog Preamp Pedal 

  • 5-band tone control with sweep-mid and low frequency 
  • Integrated fully-chromatic digital tuner
  • Balanced XLR D.I. with pre/post EQ setting and ground lift
  • Adjustable Boost switch
  • One Knob Compressor
  • Phase invert switch
  • Notch Control
  • Monitor/amp out 1/4″
  • FX Loop
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