Two Old Hippies

2 old Hippies

Two Old Hippies

 401 12th Ave South Nashville, TN 37203

Groovy Funky Cool with a warm vibe in the heart of Nashville.

Show is from 6-7  Get there early!


Old enough to have been around when the concept of peace, love and rock n’ roll inspired a generation of free spirits. Young enough to embrace a world community, where generosity, compassion and equality are a way of life. We celebrate living every day.

We’re Tom and Molly. Although our paths didn’t cross until later in life, our individual journeys were influenced by the hippie movement of the ’60s and all that it stood for. Love was in the air. People cared about each other and the earth that is our home. Rock N’ Roll was our soundtrack. It brought us all together. It’s with us, still, today.