Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop


We are Sorry that the December 21 workshop had to be cancelled

Stay Tuned for the next

Intensive Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop in The Florida Keys

Come to paradise and improve your Guitar Chops in an interactive Guitar class. David will access your needs individually and help you get to the next level.


Hi Dave,

I want to tell you, your class made such an impression on me. You opened my eyes on so many levels. My approach to the guitar is forever changed; you really opened up the fretboard for me. I enjoy your fast-paced yet easygoing teaching style.  I had been daunted by the need to memorize all of those scales before I could progress further; you showed me the flexibility of it all and how so much can be done just by building on basic chords I already know, and keeping the fun in it. I found your videos on CAGED on Youtube, and broke out a Desi Serna book for notation. I really look forward to seeing your recording of our class, and hope to have another one with you someday.

My best,


   On the evening of November 16th, five aspiring guitarists of varying skill levels and styles, met in a studio across from the Keys Brewing Company.  I was fortunate to be one of the six, huddled in a semi-circle before Master Guitarist Dave Feder.   For nearly two hours, Dave candidly and enthusiastically shared his knowledge of guitar practice, performance and technique in a manner beneficial to any novice or advanced musician alike.  My 50 year, on again / off again love affair with fingerstyle guitar has been boosted to another level thanks to the selfless tutelage of Dave.  Bravo!

<Dave Rander>