Easy Nail Repair for Guitar Players!

Broken nails are huge source of anxiety for some guitarists. Especially right before the show. Many of us have been there. Therefore to reduce stress we need a fast reliable Easy Nail Repair system for Guitar Players like us so we can fix our nails on the fly. In this video I show you how to repair your nail with UV Gel. you may want to look at my video on building UV Gel nails first. I will post links to the products I use below. Please comment or ask questions and share with your guitar playing friends!

  1. Here is my easy process for Easy Nail Repair for Guitar Players. Please read these carefully. The first steps are the same as the previous post.

  2.  Be sure to have a clean, well ventilated space.

  3. When you are starting a natural nail, Clean with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and lint-free wipes.

  4. If the broken nail is acrylic or UV Gel, clean with the nail file or emery board until the nail is a uniform color and any rough areas are smoothed. If the nail is torn but still attached, support it with the UV Gel Nail Form Guide. If the broken nail segment is missing use apply The UV Nail Form Guide as described in the video.

  5. Note: Sometimes if you are very careful you can temporarily hold a broken nail segment in place with nail glue.

  6. Carefully Apply a thin layer of the Bonder to the nail (the applicator brush is in the cap) making sure to wipe the excess from the cuticle and surrounding skin.

  7. Cure the Bonder under he UV light for 1 minute. (30 seconds for LED lamp) You have to experiment a bit to see how long your curing takes. I just usually do a bit longer for my own peace of mind. But that’s me. This bonder is now ready for Gel.

  8. Apply the UV Builder Gel using the IBD nail brush. If you are building on a natural nail, the first layer should very be thin. (Once you have a cured layer down, you can start to extend the gel onto the nail form.) Make sure to use the stick to remove the uncured Gel from the skin and cuticle.

  9. Now cure the Gel under the UV light for 3 minutes. Don’t stare at any UV light. Continued exposure can cause eye irritation. It is good to understand the possible risks involved.

  10. Clean the sweat from the nail with the 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.

  11. Now add a new layer of UV Gel extending the gel onto the Nail Form. This layer can be thicker. Try to make the shape a little larger than the final desired nail. Cure under the Light for 3 Minutes, clean and Repeat until you have the thickness you want.

  12. File off any excess cured Gel. Shape the nail the way you like it.

  13. My nail repair kit comes to every show with me.

  14. For more Guitar Tips please visit my website davidfeder.com

My Favorite little power nail file!

This is the size Brush I use. For me this one lasts over a year.

This a decent disposable nail Form. There are others.

This is the glue I keep in my kit for emergencies.

This is the Smaller LED UV light.

This is the good Bonder/Primer

This is the Best Builder UV Gel. It has great TONE and looks good.

Kim Wipes are Dust and lint Free. I use them for nails and optics, etc.

These are the “Orange” Sticks. You may want them for cleaning the goo off the edges.

These type files I use for maintenance and touch ups.

These Files are used for the initial shaping.

99% Isopropyl Alcohol