Black Emerald

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Black Emerald
Black Emerald
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“Wild Acoustic Hillbilly-Flamenco” Intoxicatingly Rhythmic Latin/American World Music with cool percussion, Flute, Fiddle and Flugelhorn.
Genre: Country: Bluegrass

Release Date: 2002

is “Hillbilly Flamenco” in its purest form.

Its captivating and intoxicating rhythms transport you to the Islands of romance and reverie. Born in the volcanic depths of the Azores and bred with the American mountain spirit, this music is truly the meeting of worlds. More than fusion, more than a marriage of styles, Black Emerald is the living dance of life.

Instrumentation is Acoustic “Hillbilly Flamenco” guitar with fiddle,Flute,flugalhorn and a fantastic Latin rhythm section.

I bet you’re wondering, what the heck is “Hillbilly Flamenco?”

“Hillbilly Flamenco” is the magic sounds of guitarist David Feder and his band Salagua-Azul. David writes and plays Original Flamenco style Gypsy music, with a Celtic, “Psyco/Hillbilly” feel. It’s really fun and romantically charged and now you can experience it live!

David is an exciting, warm and provocative musician. He and his band are world class musicians with only one driving goal..”to take their audience along with them on exciting, romantic and fun musical Journeys.”

The newest CD release by Dave and the band is titled “Black Emerald.” It is filled with great musical voyages and features some awesome new musicians. Many of the songs were written in the Azores, and capture the appeal of these mysterious islands. If you close your eyes and listen, you are there, dancing on the volcanic, black emerald sand.

Whether you hear David Feder live or on one of his recordings with Salagua Azul, you will be in for a great musical experience.


“Black Emerald is David Feder’s best work yet.

I’ve listened to it over and over, and each time I’m knocked out by the energy of the music.

It’s one of those special albums that stands as a singular creative vision, not just a collection of songs.

Dave’s touch with the Latin guitar is magic.”

– Carl Hiaasen