Waiting For Sara

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Waiting For Sara
Waiting For Sara
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Waiting for Sara is the music you want playing when she walks through the door. It’s the atmosphere on the beach when she first kisses you. It’s the soundtrack of romance.

Full body Massage on the Beach in the Florida Keys. Romantic Latin Flavored acoustic guitar music for lovers.
Genre: Latin: Latin Jazz

Release Date: 1995


Wonderful, relaxing yet invigorating blend of guitars and other elements.

My favorite of the 3 David Feder CD’s I own so far. I love the masterful guitar work, accompanied by interesting percussion and lilting flute. I find the use of flamenco, jazz, and “island” feels to be a most inviting blend. The melodies and arrangements are interesting, yet still accessible. A smooth, consistent listening experience, making it ideal for my preferred usage: playing relaxing, upbeat music in the background while at work. This CD has a way of transporting me to a beautiful tropical island while I’m sitting at my desk in the city! I can’t help but move to the gentle beat…. this music just makes me happy! Bravo, David! Encore!.

– Fern Batchelor